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***Thank you to all that attended the demonstrations at Queen's Park and Manulife. All your emails, phone calls and petitions to the Health Minister's office were greatly appreciated. The pressure helped and we won! Hopefully we can keep the pressure up for others who are suffering rare diseases in Ontario and cannot get coverage like Jackie.

Love Jackie and Peter xxoo



From Simple Beginnings in 1972

When the Cabbagetown Boxing Club was founded in 1972, the Club focused on working with local youth through a boxing program.

In keeping with the CYC's philosophy of responding to community needs, this boxing program was developed in direct response to requests from local youth.

In 1972, boxing drew many of the most needy children in from the street and taught them discipline, self-confidence and respect for one another.

The CYC boxing program has produced such notables as Canadian Boxing Champion, Shawn O'Sullivan. To this day, boxing forms one component of a richer, more encompassing mix of social and recreational programs.


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